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DJ Switch, 10-Year-Old Winner Of Ghana DJ Awards, Taking The World By Storm

DJ Switch, 10-Year-Old Winner Of Ghana DJ Awards, Taking the World by Storm

Meet Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh, also known as DJ Switch. She’s the subject of a video released recently by BBC News Africa. It currently has over 10 million views on Facebook and over 5 million views on Twitter.

According to her personal website, Tandoh is from Suaman Dadieso in the western region of Ghana. Even before she appeared on BBC, she’s had her share of fame in her home country. Last year, she won top prize on a TV program in Ghana called TV3 Talented Kids. In April, she released a music video collaboration with her mom called “Deceiver.” And this past May, she deejayed at the Ghana DJ Awards, making her grand appearance on the stage riding a horse and wearing a pink-feathered jacket.

In addition to her DJ skills, she also raps, dances and plays trumpet and keyboards. She loves school and would like to be a gynecologist when she grows up “to help women,” she told the BBC. Staying true to her roots, DJ Switch’s favorite food, according to her website, is “rice ball with ground nut soup.”

Tandoh’s energetic shows and passion for music are quite infectious, which is how she got the name for her alter-ego. “I picked the name DJ Switch because I switch up people’s happiness,” she recently said in an interview.

Erica’s Popularity as DJ Switch elevated after winning the kid’s TV talent contest last year and has now soared after she became the youngest DJ ever to win at Ghana’s annual DJ Awards.

After she was featured in BBC’s What’s New, a new program that highlights young Africans, the young party-starter explains that she began DJing at 9 years old. “I just wanted to try my hand on it,” she says of her early start, adding that she picked up the skill as quickly as she learns in school. “Being a young DJ is not that difficult.”

The petite phenom is still a normal girl as she juggles her budding career with school, dance, learning piano and playing trumpet, even though she is quickly becoming a household name around the world.

DJ Switch’s talent caught the attention of U.S. actress, activist and author Gabrielle Union, who’s promotion has helped skyrocket DJ Switch’s fame in the Western Hemisphere.

On a recent TV interview, DJ Switch showed that her young age isn’t an impediment to handling the limelight. Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

Interviewer: Are you Ghana’s No. 1 DJ?

DJ Switch: You can judge yourself.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite player?

DJ Switch: I don’t have a favorite. As a DJ you don’t need to have a favorite. Every artist is my favorite. As a DJ you need to watch videos of other DJs.

DJ Switch said she wanted to rap and was encouraged by her mom. “It’s a talent in me,” she said. “My mommy saw that I like music. I can sing. I can rap. I was watching talented kids. My mommy asked me, can I try it, and I said yes.”

Weekdays, she said, are strictly for school “and my books, but weekends, holidays, I can rest.”

DJing is a talent but gynecology is a career, DJ Switch said: “I want to be a gynecologist to help people and their problems in their organs, especially mothers giving birth.”

DJ Switch’s single out now called “Deceiver” that she made with her mother can be watched here.

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